The story of a small-town girl who couldn't get away from the smell of a farm fast enough is not what sets Abby apart. Her obsession with laughter and her resilience in face of all the trials and tribulations she has had to overcome is what cements her funny bone.And what a bone she's got. Only on the scene for 5 years, she went from someone who was afraid of not getting a five-minute spot to a staple in the local Montreal comedy scene.


In the summer of 2022 Abby released her highly anticipated podcast called: HOUSE OF STONE. Join Abby Stonehouse and a special guest as they get into the nitty gritty of life in HOUSE OF STONE.House of Stone is a storytelling podcast where Abby and a special guest get into the nitty gritty of life. Each episode covers relatable topics, such as issues, challenges and phases of people's lives. From awkward teenage years to dating as a thirty year old to living with a disability. This podcast is available with accessibility measures in place for the hard of hearing and Deaf.House of Stone and Abby were highlighted in The Montreal GazetteMake sure you SUBSCRIBE and support!


Abby is the creator of one of Montreal's best shows in town.
GET FXCKED is a show that showcases up-and-coming talent offering them more than five minutes AND a paid spot to sweeten the deal.
But it doesn't stop there, Abby's also the co-creator, along with fellow comedian Michelle Dominique, of COMEDY ON DEMAND (formerly known as Lawn Laughs).From 2021 to 2022 she was part of FUNNY JUICE CLUB. A writing group that turned into a biweekly show. This show had new and upcoming comics from Montreal and beyond in what was an extreme hug of a show for both performers and the audience.This show was featured during OFF-JFL/Zoofest in the summer of 2022.